Ayurveda Consultations and Therapies


Combined Initial Evaluation and Tutorial:
$ 180.00 per appointment

This 2-hour appointment is used for a combined assessment and private tutorial. Diet, herb and daily routine suggestions are included in the tutorial and a personal program is defined. You will be encouraged to stay in touch, by email or phone, to insure that your personal program is proceeding smoothly.

Follow-Up Sessions Ayurveda or Blood-Work Results: $ 90.00 per hour

Follow-Up Sessions are scheduled at the time of your Initial Evaluation or at the time of Blood-Work submission. In the case of reviewing Blood-Work results, this session will be within two-weeks of receiving your results.

In the case of Ayurveda, the follow-up sessions will vary according to each individual case but will be approximately every 60-days starting from the inception of your personal program.

Tutorials in Ayurveda: Pricing will be case-by-case
This is an “apprentice” type of relationship for those interested in serious study of Ayurveda.

Basic Hourly Rate: $ 90.00 per hour
Topical, ad-hoc coaching available to active clients with recent evaluation data on file; this may be done by phone or in-person.

Half-day Spa Body Therapies

Single Practitioner: $ 210.00 per appointment
Two Practitioners: $ 390.00 per appointment

Please allow 3-hours in your schedule for these sessions. With two practitioners these become "four-handed.” Both involve a series of powerful yet delightful therapies:

A. For maintenance, as a single or a series. Warm, medicated oils will be applied in special patterns that are designed to open the channels of the body and rebalance the nervous system.

B. For cleansing, a 3 to 5 session series is required. Special releasing strokes, herbal scrubs and oils are used.

$ 50.00 Add-On Special Therapies (NOTE: These also add 30-minutes to your therapy session time):

  1. Deep-heat oil soak(s) for specific joint or skeletal problems.
  2. Eye treatment for the health AND beauty of the eyes.
  3. Thigh, buttock or tummy cellulite and toxin focus treatments.


$110.00 per stand-alone session or $65.00 with Body Therapy
Warm medicated oil or milk streamed to the forehead for relaxation, reduction of anxiety, depression, agitation, insomnia.