Jyotish: Vedic Astrology

Some people hold a prejudice that astrology is fatalistic. As soon as they hear the word, they respond with a statement such as, "Oh, I don't believe in astrology because I resent the implication that things in my life are destined and that I just have to accept my fate."

Jyotish, when astutely practiced, gives the individual information that can be used to optimize will power; to determine actions and empower choices. It allows us to maximize opportunities and minimize obstacles through the informed use of our free will.

Here are just a few highlights of the power of this ancient science of east India:

  • Factors of character and health: We use techniques to shed light on the indiviual's relative strengths.
  • Predictive Factors: We use techniques to ascertain the confluent forces in favor or disfavor of the person's preferred outcomes. These can help to pin point the best timing.
  • Remedial factors: We use techniques to clarify and suggest actions, direct or indirect. Give focus. Give intention and ritual to one's will power.

Quotes from the book "Light On Life" by Hart de Fouw and his collaborator Robert Svaboda:

"Jyotishis (Vedic Astrologers) use horoscopic insights to anticipate likely developments on the concrete level of reality and use their psychological skills to teach their clients how to cope with those potential results."

"Jyotish assumes that the human condition always arises from a dynamic interaction between fate and free will."

"Only when free will emerges can the quantity and quality of effort invested in modifying a situation equal or exceed the quantity or quality of effort that created the situation; only then can transformation, as opposed to simple change in life, be achieved."

Useful Example of Vedic Astrology

Let's say that a person wants to lose weight. In fact they are hoping to lose it within the upcoming 6-months.

The astrologer first completes the general analytical work on character, intelligence and any required abilities. We then meld these results with the factors governing health and the body.

Each step of the way "timing is everything" so, in the search for confluent factors in favor of healthy weight lose, the astrologer is constantly testing favorable and unfavorable factors against the desired time-frame of the client.

If the analysis reveals that there is a confluence of obstacles to attaining the desired outcome within the desired timeframe, there are have many options to provide the client with information to fuel their will power.

Other Examples:

  • To identify the nature of obstacles (or enablers) so that they can be anticipated and openly addressed.
  • To identify the types of actions that would make it more likely for the person to triumph over noted obstacles or to take advantage of any noted enablers.
  • Perhaps most powerful of all, to identify timeframes where the noted obstacles, or noted enablers, are more or less active.

Jyotish offers a powerful set of tools to inform our free will so that we can apply our will optimally in the different areas of our lives. The relative amount of effort must meet or exceed the confluence of obstacles versus enablers for the desired outcome. And of course…timing is everything!